May 16, 2010

"Devilish" Deviled eggs - Quick and easy appetizers!

I am back today with a simple and quick appetizer recipe for deviled eggs that I came across on the internet. I sincerely want to post regularly and keep my blog going, but since I started working, its been crazy. I thank all of you who have been extending their support and love to Tasty treats all these time!! I have many recipes to share with you - I have the pictures ready, but its just that I need to find the time to put together a post! :-)

Devilled eggs are one of the easiest and elegant looking appetizers that can be whipped up in no time! Ofcourse I never knew this until I tried the "Devilish" Deviled eggs recipe from, wonderful website dedicated for deviled eggs! I was web-hunting for an easy recipe for our Easter lunch (I know, its been a month since Easter!) and I came across their recipes for deviled eggs. I chose this particular recipe because it had a little spicy twist to it and it seemed really easy.

The website for deviled eggs cover everything from boiling an egg to some wonderful recipes for deviled eggs! So all the 'deviled egg' novices like me can relax and go through their posts and be an expert the first time around! Here is the recipe for the ones that I made!


The eggs were amazing! The filling was really smooth, creamy and had a bit of kick to it! I had never made deviled eggs before and this recipe made me fall in love with them!! They are really easy to make and would be a great appetizer to any party! Moreover they look really elegant and would be a hit! Do give these deviled eggs a try!

See you soon with another recipe!! Once again, thank you for your continued support for Tasty treats!

Have a great week ahead!