February 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Tasty treats - Cheers, with a Fig & Honey Pudding!

This is a special post to celebrate a milestone with my blog - Yes, you guessed it right, Tasty treats is a year old, and so am I - I mean, a year older! I still clearly remember how this lil blog came about. Last year, this blog was kind of like a birthday gift to myself! I have always wanted to start a blog, just to share the recipes that I have tried out and enjoyed. But I was doubtful of my writing skills and I kept on pushing back the idea of starting one. My dear husband JM and my dear friend Parvathy are the ones behind the constant encouragement and support that finally convinced me to try my hand at the totally new world (to me!) of blogging.

This past year has been awesome, with nearly 150 posts and 52,500+ page views, nealy 60 events and finally hosting my own event! I got to know hundreds of very talented bloggers and chefs, some a little more personal. The initial encouragement that I received from my readers boosted my confidence and made Tasty treats a big part of my life. I couldnt be apart from my blog even for a day!! I really got a sense of belonging in the blogosphere - many of you who have ended up being much more than casual aquaintances.

Last year I had both JM's family and my family visit us from India. So it was a bit hectic towards the second half of last year, so I had to push the blog on to the back burner! But I am glad I stuck with it and I still want to continue doing this for as long as possible. Now despite having to share the computer with a 3 year old who thinks the it is as important to her as her parents and being caught up in some other personal stuff, I will definitely continue on my culinary adventures and experiments, all the while sharing the succesful ones with you all!

I really should thank all of you readers who really encouraged me to drive forward with my blog! I thank all of you who take the time to chat with me - by leaving a comment or a mail. It is such a huge inspiration, to be acknowledged and encouraged by fellow bloggers!! I know there are many of you who are faithful readers of Tasty treats, but have never said Hi, I would appreciate it if you would - its not a requisite, but it does make a difference!!

I am also happy that I got to participate in a wonderful array of events which had wonderful concepts and were beautifully executed. I am also proud that I got to be part of some exciting communities like the Daring Bakers, Foodbuzz, Great Cooks Community and Foodie Blogroll!!

I would like to celebrate the simple and humble beginnings of Tasty treats with a quick and delicious dessert. Join me in this unassuming celebration!

This dessert can be put together in minutes and tastes awesome with the decadent honey. A must have dessert for all the yoghurt and honey lovers out there!!

Greek Fig & Honey Pudding

Recipe (Serves 4):

Fresh or canned figs - 4
Greek-style strained yoghurt - 2 cups
Clear honey - 4 tbsp
Chopped pistachio nuts - 2 tbsp


Chop the figs and place in the bottom of four stemmed wine glasses or deep individual dessert bowls.

Top each glass or bowl of figs with half cup of the Greek-style yoghurt.

Chill until ready to serve.

Just before serving, drizzle a tbsp of honey over each one and sprinkle with the pistachio nuts.

Source: A Year of Desserts by Martha Day.

Once again thanks to everyone of you who offered their complete support and encouragement to me and my blog! If even atleast one person has fond remarks about Tasty treats, my effort would be justified! Hope to see you all back here all through the next year too!

Thanks for reading my post. Have a great day and awesome weekend!!!


Varsha Vipins said...

Happy blog bday..!!!..may you post so many yummy recipes for us in the coming times too..:)
the dessert is soo yummy..simple n divine..:)

Ivy said...

Happy blogoversay JZ with many more years of delicious recipes. I think that we met through the Great Cooks Community. Now I am inviting you and your readers to join us at BloggerAid http://bloggeraid.ning.com I am sure you have heard of it by now. We are now a group of 104 bloggers uniting to alleviate hunger. In this effort, we are publishing a cookbook and your recipes may be included in it. 100% of the profits will go to the World Food Programme for Children's School meals.

Purnima said...

HAPPY 1st ONE TO YOU N DESSERTPRO! M glad on ur decision to blog..u r mighty talented b it in food/photography..loved being here every single time..read thru each word..its jumping for joy! WISH U ALL THE LUCK TO TAKE THIS BLOG TO HIGHER LEVELS!It truly deserves! :D HUGS!

aquadaze said...

happy birthday JZ! a blog - now that's a nice gift to give yourself :)

Khaugiri said...

Happy Birthday Tasty Treats! Wishing you more & more such birthdays with more & more delicious recipes.

Sujatha said...

Congratulations, JZ! How exciting! I can completely feel your thrill on completing 1 year.. I completed 1 year too last week, and had a special post in my blog as well.. It was fun reading your post and can relate every word of yours to my experience.. Keep rocking, gal :)

BTW, pudding looks gorgeous.. as usual!

Divya Kudua said...

Happy Birthday to Tasty treats and congrats to you JZ..I love the way you come up with delectable recipes,even better pics and wonderful write-ups which follow..keep blogging and entertaining us like this!!Wish you many many more birthdays!!

Happy cook said...

Happy b'day to your wonderful blog and wishing you many more happy years of wonderful delicious sweet blogging.
Love the pudding. Looks yumm.

Gayathri said...

Happy birthday Tasty treats and wishing you more and more happy years of wonderful delicious recipes and sweet blogging. The dessert looks yummy....

Bharti said...

Happy birthday Tasty Treats! Love the pudding.

Priya said...

Happy blog anniversary...Wishing you more n more happy anniversary in future..my hearty wishes!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday To you! Wishing you many more such years to come.

Soma said...

Happy Birthday to you & the blog!!

Thats a lovely recipe!!