April 8, 2009

Apple Coleslaw from Food & Family Magazine

It sure was fun guest-hosting the Lets go nuts event. After all your encouraging responses to the round-up, I am back with a simple recipe for all of you. I am still in California, spending the days lazing around in the hotel with lil LM, reading, sleeping, watching TV, taking short walks and eating!! JM is on a short work assignment and I had decided to follow him to escape the cold Minnesota weather, if only for a few days!! Most of the days he was gone for long hours (~12 hours at a time) and the lil one and I were sitting around, moping, in our room. On his only day off, we took a trip to San Fransisco. The weather was amazing that day, we all enjoyed the trip, took some amazing pictures and came back exhausted!! The relaxation ends this Friday when we'll be back in MN, where it will be back to the old grind. Looks like LM is also missing her home, she just wants to get back to playing with her toys and visiting one of her favorite websites, as she calls it, - "pbskids.org"!!

Now coming back to the recipe, as the title indicates, I came across this on the Food & Family Magazine. Its a very simple coleslaw recipe with apples. One of the few things lil LM loves to eat is coleslaw and with apple chunks in it, I'm sure it would be a favorite for kids and adults alike. I substituted the Miracle whip with Light mayo, and it was good to go!! We enjoyed every bit of it and I'm sure you will too...

Recipe (Makes 12 servings, 1/2 cup each) :

Miracle Whip Light Dressing - 3/4 cup
Honey - 1 tbsp
Coleslaw Blend - 1 pkg (16 oz)
Apples - 2, chopped (preferably one red and one green)


Mix the dressing and the honey in a large bowl.

Add the remaining ingredients; mix lightly.

Refrigerate for an hour.

Source : Kraft Food & Family Magazine, Spring '09.

  1. I halved the recipe and used both green and red apples (half of each).
  2. Instead of Miracle Whip dressing, I used Light Mayonnaise.
  3. You can also season the coleslaw with salt and pepper according to taste.

Have a great day!!


Priya said...

Yum yum, coleslaw looks fabulous!

Rachel said...

I am sure I'll enjoy that too..

Sanghi said...

Lovely click and apple delight.. ;)

DEESHA said...

this definitely is very very innovative .. Bookmarking this one

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Lavanya said...

nice clicks..new to me ..i never used coleslaw!!

Uma said...

Looks so simple and delicious.

meeso said...

That's simple, must have been delicious!

A_and_N said...

Simple and yet decadent :) Looks great JZ!

Madhumathi said...

I like coleslaw..Like the addition of apple in it.Nice click :)

Ivy said...

The coleslaw sounds delicious and great pictures as well.

Kate Crawford said...

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