June 5, 2009

Buitoni Wild Mushroom Agnolotti - a review for Foodbuzz Tastemaker programme!!

Once again I would like to introduce to you all, a new product on the market. Its the Buitoni reserva Wild Mushroom Agnolotti, a new line of Italian pasta meals with minimal processing and no artificial ingredients. I got to sample the Wild Mushroom Agnolotti through the Foodbuzz Tastemaker program, which pairs up Foodbuzz members with vendors who choose to get their products reviewed. This is my third review for the Tastemaker programme.

The package of pasta arrived promptly after my acknowledgement of the offer. The package of agnolotti can be refrigerated or frozen. If frozen, the product doesnt have to be thawed, we just have to follow the cooking instructions. I kept mine in the refrigerator.

Agnolotti is a kind of ravioli made with small pieces of flattened pasta dough, folded over with a roast beef meat and vegetable stuffing (wiki). The Buitoni Wild Mushroom Agnolotti is generously filled with fresh portobello & crimini mushrooms, imported Grana Padano & Parmesan cheeses and fresh roasted garlic. The cooking is minimal, with just boiling the pasta for about 4-6 minutes. The serving suggestion is to serve with pasta sauces or simply tossing them in extra virgin olive oil.

I prepared them following the package instructions. A couple of the stuffed agnolottis broke while cooking. For the pictures, I have presented the cooked pasta as such, with a drizzle of oil and a sprinkling of oregano. I was plesantly surprised by the delicious and delicate flavor of the agnolotti. The pasta was cooked to perfection and the stuffing was delicious. The texture of the filling was amazing. I could taste the cheeses and the mushrooms. I really enjoyed my share and they are amazing just on their own, without any sauces. I would have loved it even more if there was a bit more of the stuffing in the pasta. Nevertheless, I have no trouble giving it 5 stars for taste and ease of preparation!!

Thank you Foodbuzz for yet another amazing oppurtunity to sample a wonderful product! Check out the Buitoni products at your grocers - I really enjoyed the Wild Mushroom Agnolotti, try them out and share your experiences with me.

Have a great day!!


Kitchen Flavours said...

Oh wow looks yum...nice presentation too...

Sanghi said...

Mmm looks yummy!! :)

Anonymous said...

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