March 25, 2008

Roasted boneless leg of lamb

I have been wanting to make a traditional American meal on a special holiday for some time now. But at the last minute, I would always go back to my comfort zone of Indian specialities like biriyani. This year I was determined to test my skills with a roasted lamb recipe. As with everything new to me, I searched on the Internet for recipes that I thought would best suit my needs ( I wanted to make a boneless leg of lamb) and my family's tastes. After reading through more than 10 recipes or so, I finally decided on a recipe from another blog. It involves some pre-planning because the lamb has to be marinated in herbs, lemon juice and wine. But the next day, I could see that it was well worth the trouble of all the prep. My husband, who is always conscious about his food portions, ate like anything ! The lamb was perfectly cooked, moist and flavorful with a nice crust. So I thought that it is only just to share the wonderful recipe with you all. Please visit for the recipe. I found the step-by-step instructions to be very helpful with a lot of tips everyone could use, especially newbies like me. It also has several pictures illustrating the tips. Above all, I found that the combination of the herbs and marinade to be in perfect blend with our tastes. I am sharing the pictures of my first attempt on roasting the lamb. I sincerely hope that the pictures will inspire you to prepare this wonderful dish, especially if you have never tried roasting before. May it be the perfect introduction to roasting !!

  1. I cooked the lamb (4.25 lbs) until medium doneness which is about an internal temperature of 160F (approx around 1hr 40 min). I removed the roast at about 155F and the temperature rose to 160F while resting.
  2. A detailed table of cooking times, temperatures and other instructions can be found at the original website.


startcooking said...

Your lamb looks fantastic! I am delighted to hear it was such a success! Cheers, Kathy Maister

JZ said...

Thanks a lot for your comments Kathy!