April 20, 2008

Food for plastic challenge at What's cooking?

I was delighted to see a foodie blog challenge with the theme "kids". The best part about the challenge is that Ben from "Whats cooking?" is trying to spread the word that the Tupperware is celebrating this month as Children's month. They are also donating a part of their sale to the Boys & Girls Clubs. Click on the logo for more information. I am new to the challenges on "Whats cooking?" and this is my first entry. I am picking my Noodle Doodle recipe for this challenge with the theme- kids, beacuse I enjoyed this dish a lot when I was a kid, and now my lil one is enjoying it as much as I did. So doesnt that count as working with the theme twice? ;-) Thanks to Ben, for conducting this event to spread word for a good cause.

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