April 8, 2008

Kiwi-Strawberry smoothie

My brother GZ gifted me the Costco cookbook - Cooking the Costco Way, when I was in India. I had no use for it then since most of the ingredients were hard to find. Probably the side-effect of hinting about a cookbook from US, to a bachelor who doesnt know pots from pans!! When I came to the US, I brought it along with me, but again it was forgotten among the hectic days of welcoming the first new addition to our family and adjusting to a new life. Thus it sat in the corner of the closet for so long. I recently re-discovered the wonderful cookbook in its long slumber. Now I am excited to try out its wide array of recipes. The cookbook is a steal with beautiful color pictures adorning each recipe. Here's a stunning smoothie to start off my cookbook expedition!

Recipe (Serves 2):

Kiwifruit green - 2
Orange juice - 3 tbsp, divided
Fresh strawberries - 3/4 cup, hulled
Honey - 1 tbsp or to taste


Cut the kiwi fruit in half and scoop pulp by spoonfuls into a blender with 2 tbsp orange juice.

Puree and pour into two glasses.

Rinse blender.

Puree strawberries with the remaining tablespoon of orange juice and the honey.

Pour over the green kiwi puree to form a second layer.

Serve immediately.

Adapted from: Cooking, the Costco way.

  1. The actual recipe is called Traffic-light smoothie.To make the traffic-light smoothie, process green kiwi as described above. Then puree the pulp of two gold kiwis with 3 tbsp of orange juice. Pour it slowly over the back of the spoon on top of the green kiwi puree to form a second layer. Now puree strawberries and pour over the top of the golden kiwi puree to form a three-layered tri-colored traffic light smoothie.
  2. I did not have honey, so I omitted it while pureeing strawberries.
  3. If the layers are not formed as you pour, gently stir the top layer so that a distinct line of separation forms.

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Marie said...

Thanks for this recipe, it was yummy and looked just like in the picture!