May 12, 2008

Missi roti

Being a South Indian, rice was the staple of our diet during my childhood. The only Indian breads that we would make at home were chapathis and puris, with the occasional indulgence in naan when we would go out to eat. I was content with chappathis and puris, to tell you the truth. Nowadays as I am looking for simple recipes to try out, I am more willing to give other rotis a chance. Browsing through Suneeta Vaswani's cookbook, I was kind of surprised by the array of Indian breads popular in the North. As this recipe appeared to be very simple and almost like that of chappathis (the difference being the addition of chickpea flour), I tried it out first and finished effortlessly. They were perfect with the potato-green peas curry I made. This is a good replacement for chappathis when you want a change of taste. Enjoy!

This is also my entry to the Roti mela hosted by Srivalli of Cooking 4 all seasons, along with the Kerala porottas.

Recipe (Makes 8 rotis):

Wheat flour - 1 cup
Chickpea flour (Besan) - 1 cup
Salt - 1/2 tsp
Oil - 2 tsp
Water - as needed


Mix the wheat flour, chickpea flour, oil and salt together using a spoon.

Add just enough water to form a single ball of dough.

Knead for a minute or two until the dough becomes smooth.

Cover with a kitchen towel and keep aside for 30 minutes.

Heat a heavy skillet over medium high heat.

Meanwhile, knead the dough again for 2 minutes.

Divide it into 8 equal portions.

Roll each into a ball, cover and set aside from heat.

Dust the work surface with flour.

Flatten a ball of dough between your palms.

Roll each disc into a 7"-8" circle, turning frequently to prevent sticking.

Dust with more flour if needed.

Transfer to the hot skillet and cook until puffy spots appear (~1 1/2 minutes).

Flip the roti over and cook the other side, pressing down on the edges with a spatula (~1 minute).

Lightly oil the roti on both sides and keep warm.

Repeat with the remaining dough balls.

Source: Complete book of Indian cooking By Suneeta Vaswani.


  1. Aloo-mattar (potato-green peas curry) is a good side dish.
  2. To the basic dough, chopped onions, chillies and spices can be added to spruce it up.
  3. The cookbook tip suggests that if need be, the rotis can be wrapped in foil, placed in a resealable bag and refrigerated for upto 4 days or frozen for upto 3 months. Reheat in the microwave before serving.


Sangeeth said...

wow! they look very yummy!!! will the rotis be soft if we add besan to it? I have never tried this combo...will try soon....

ranji said...

perfect and delicious...

JZ @ Tasty treats said...

Thanks Sangeeth and Ranji!

Sangeeth, they were soft when we had them immediately, I dont know if they'll keep soft for a long time.

easycrafts said...

Same here...have been eating rice since birth and am now tryin out various north indian dishes and dals

JZ @ Tasty treats said...

its fun to try out new recipes, isnt it EC!? but i think i still would prefer puri and naan out of all the Indian breads.. :)

sonia said...

Hey tried this out..tasted one..its really soft,tasty and good to know that its with besan which is supposedly healthier. Jo already ate 2 my himself.
made ur paneer tikka masala with this. That looks good too.
More comments after J and rest of us try it.

JZ @ Tasty treats said...

thanks sonia, a good testimony is that the kids ate it happily! glad jo liked it! sounds like its a great dinner ta your place today! :-)

Srivalli said...

aha..this is a lovely one..thanks for the entry!

pushpa said...

hei jz....i tried this one...anyways i had to make roti for tried ur recipe ..its tasty...didnt knw tht besan wud go well with wheat...anyways thanx for the EC recipe..we njoied it with mushroom masala:-)

JZ @ Tasty treats said...

Srivalli, it was my pleasure..

Thanks a lot Pushpa! I am glad you tried out something from my blog! its great that you enjoyed it! :-)